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Call 007 Online Submission Site

Call for Proposals 007 (EN578-17BCIP/A) is closed.

Canadian Innovators,

The Build in Canada Innovation Program is being consolidated within Innovative Solutions Canada,
and while this is underway, we encourage innovators to take advantage of the new
Innovation Canada digital service platform which helps guide users through
federal innovation programs and services.

You may also be interested in exploring other federal programs, including the
Innovative Solutions Canada and the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security programs.

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The BCIP Team

December 12, 2018

We offer you two account creation / log-in options.

Both the Passwordless Sign In and the Standard email / password Sign In will lead you to the submission form.

New Passwordless Account Creation and Sign In

You don’t have to remember your password anymore. Use our new fast, secure and easy way to apply to the Program.
  1. Download idQ Connect mobile app to your smart phone
  2. Follow the instructions in the mobile app to create a new idQ account 
  3. Click on the button below and scan the QR code with the idQ Connect app
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If you already have a BCIP Account:
  • use the same email address to sign up in the idQ Connect mobile app
  • you can then sign in without a password
Bidders are reminded that the provision of the information is on a voluntary basis. The Internet is a public forum and electronic information can be intercepted. Please do not disclose confidential information. Bidders are requested to submit their proposal electronically using the electronic proposal submission form; Bidders who are not able to submit their proposal using the online submission site must contact the Contracting Authority to arrange delivery of their proposals as outlined at 2.2.1 of the Call for Proposals solicitation document.